Study: Social Media Best Way to Reach Teen Girl Demo

A study by Euro RSCG WWPR and MicroDialogue reveals new insights into a key market demographic—teenage girls:

• 78% of teenage girls use social media to keep in touch with friends, while three-quarters report being in “constant contact” with friends through texting, Facebook, iChat, AIM or other social media services.

• About 80% of teenage girls prefer to share information via one-to-one communication (texting or phone calls) over “broadcast” platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

• 65% of teen girls say when their favorite brand or store has a sale they want to share the information with their best friend or sister, and 57% want to share a new brand or trend they have discovered.

• 71% of teenage girls do not go online to browse aimlessly, but for a targeted purpose: to maintain existing friendships.

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