Olympics and Social Media—A New Frontier!

Alexandra Samuel had a great post on Harvard Business Review about the 2010 Winter Games I wanted to share with you.

This year it’s a living social media experiment. By the end of the two weeks, we’ll know if social media has the power to transform large-scale events. 

Host city Vancouver has had to factor social media into its preparations. “We were keen to use social media as a method of getting important public information out about the Games, but also wanted to build followers and fans that would stay with us after the Games,” said Lesli Boldt, the project manager for host city communications

At the Vancouver Sun, which is the city’s leading daily newspaper, Managing Editor Kirk Lapointe says, “Everyone is a journalist because of the tools and platforms now available and accessible.” 
Linda Solomon has been a key player in developing the Vancouver cadre of citizen-journalists who have provided an alternate — and often critical — take on the Games. As the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Observer, an online news magazine, she’s worked with over 150 contributors to break stories.


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