Moms Want More (And They Deserve It!)

Tina Sharkey, chairman and global president of BabyCenter LLC, is out with a post that deserves attention.  She’s been featured as a leader in Technology by “BusinessWeek,” “Fast Company,” and “USA Today” and recognized as a Woman to Watch by “Advertising Age.”

Over the past few years, moms have been a powerful catalyst for tech innovation, demanding gadgets and technologies that simplify their lives and empower them to be better parents.

Mom’s 2010 Gadget Wish List
1 Laptop
2 Nintendo Wii Fit
4 Blu-Ray
5 External hard drive/back-up
6 IPhone
7 HD digital camcorder
8 Portable DVD player
9 Garmin/GPS
10 Digital camera
Function rules the day for mom. She wants tools, not toys. She uses her phone to help manage her family’s schedule, her webcam to ensure grandma and grandpa don’t miss a single milestone, and her laptop to do just about everything, including storing her most prized possessions — her family photos.
The 21st Century Mom is armed with technology. She’s knowledgeable, discerning, and demanding, and the primary user and decision maker for tech products in the home. The days of women being intimidated by technology are over. Today’s moms don’t blame themselves when technology doesn’t work, they blame the brand. Tech companies who take the time to understand mom and build products that empower her will earn a very powerful fan with a whole lot of friends.

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