How to Create Great Tweets & Blog Posts!

If you want people to read your tweets and blog posts you need to think more about your readers as “customers.” What kind of “experience” do you want them to have when they read your post? They can range from ho hum blah to a great experience where they want to RT you and forward your blog post.

So what’s the secret to great posts?
1. Be interesting or be dead. Nobody wants dull, boring and lackluster.
2. Be relevant Twitter. If you are on Twitter ask yourself if anyone really cares if you are on a boat, having a beer, eating a burger, at a ballgame, etc? If they do, that’s great. If they don’t, don’t tweet it! What do your followers care about? Why are they following you? What do they expect to hear from you? Have you considered asking your followers and turning Twitter into a two-way communication device? Create “community.” After all, that’s what Groundswell is about.
3. Be relevant Blogs: Post relevant and interesting stories. NEW information people can’t get anywhere else.
4. If you write about sites include the links.
5. Tell stories! People love examples through real stories and it helps them remember. The best story telling techniques?

  • Use emotion and drama
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it interesting

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