Sony Launches DigiDads! is out with a new story all about Sony’s launch of DigiDads, a program all about putting its products into a small group of blogging dads in hopes that they’ll play with them and write about them.

According to AdAge.Com, the dads are not getting paid for using the consumer-electronics giant’s products and will have to return them when they’re done. Unlike with journalists, who often receive products on loan from Sony to review, Sony will put together projects for the blogging dads that they can use the gadgets on.

The bloggers include Michael Sheehan of; Max Kalehoff of; Brad Powel, one of the dads behind; C.C.Chapman, whose blogs include and; and Jeffrey Sass, who contributes to, a blog Mr. Brogan founded.

Sony will be evaluating the campaign based on the exposure it gets, including via Twitter, and in comments and links to the blogs.

One of Sony’s biggest goals when it comes to social media according to Marcy Cohen, senior manager of communications at Sony Electronics, is “to engage customers in conversation and share the insights we gain from that with engineers, product developers and designers.”

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