Social Media Changing Customer Expectations!

Karlene Lukoviz has it right in Marketing Daily when she says social media is changing customer expectations.

In a new study by the Council and its Customer Experience Board results show “The convergence of new, free or low-cost interactive digital media channels, social networks and online communities and mobile messaging devices are not only empowering consumers to bypass once-dominant services and channels, but establishing content-based relationships with which more traditional players cannot currently compete.”

“Expectations for always-on access to content on every device and more personalized on-demand services and experiences are forcing service providers to re-think their operational structures, product portfolios, customer handling systems, and strategic partnerships and investments.”

Other highlights include:

  • Nearly half (47%) of marketer respondents said that the growth of social networking and user-generated content represent the most significant digital lifestyle shift affecting the communications market.

  • The biggest sources of customer dissatisfaction are unmet needs and expectations (59%).

  • More than half said their company cultures and structures are not aligned around the customer.

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