Why Seth Godin’s Blog is So Successful!

Josh Bernoff, the author of Groundswell, has some interesting thoughts about why Seth Godin’s blog is so successful…and there are some lessons to be learned.

“At least once a day, every day, there’s a little homily on marketing, or brands, or quality, or something else that makes you say “hmmm” or “that’s right” or even “that’s wrong” — but something that’s worth your time.”

Josh goes on to write the following in AdAge.com about what Seth told him:

I’ve carefully curated a voice in my head that blogs in a way that appears to resonate with people. I’m guessing (though I have no talent) it’s a lot like curating a sound on the saxophone. Training helps, listening to records helps, but mostly you blow a lot until you resonate and then repeat, prune, experiment, prune, repeat, prune until a groove occurs.

One reason I encourage people to blog is that the act of doing it stretches your available vocabulary and hones a new voice. You won’t get it for a while, but you’ll get it.

I write at least one a day. I queue up the extras, and replace ones I don’t love with a new one. This discipline does two things… first, it treats each post as a precious opportunity (which it is) and second, it cajoles me into overcoming whatever little voice in the back of my head says “nahhhh.”


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