What Makes a Great Iconic Brand?

Carla Stratfold has some answers in her post on Mediapost.com.

The reality is, brands don’t become iconic by chance. Achieving this status takes careful planning and execution. If you’re looking to build the next iconic brand keep in mind the following:

1. Establish brand trust. Most iconic brands have established trust not only with customers, but also with employees, partners and others.

2. Power your brand at all intersections. Iconic brands relay a powerful image and message at all touch points – billboards, ads, and tradeshow booths as well as customer service agents.

3. Create customer relevance. A successful brand connects with its customers in a meaningful way.

4. Infuse your brand with custom photography. Smart companies also invest in digital assets they can repurpose across all channels of advertising – TV commercials, print ads, and in the social media world.

5. Share customer stories. These stories bring meaning and reality to the messages organizations communicate about their brand.

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