It’s Not About the Tweet, It’s About the Relationship!!

Yes, you heard me right. If you’re using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, blogs and all the rest of them, I applaud you. You know the tools and you are using them. But the key issue is what are you doing with the? If you just Tweet and tell the world what flight you took or what the commute is like or that you just had dinner with your friends—who cares? Twitter and all of these social media tools are about building communities. They are tools to build relationships.

If you tweet from a company account do you try to solicit comments from your customers? Twitter is a great two-way communications tool IF you ask questions. Are you just posting comments or are you creating a two-way dialogue with your tools?

Whether you are a non-profit trying to build a relationship with donors or a corporation trying to build a relationship with customers — use social media tools for relationships.

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