How to Reach Moms!

Maria Bailey is CEO of BSM Media and author of “Marketing to Moms,” is out with a new blog post and it has some important insights about how marketers should strategically think about messaging to mothers.

Her point is that, while moms who blog are powerful, if you want to successfully reach them it requires “an integrated approach of delivering relevant messages through multiple channels of communication.” Bailey says, “Marketers solely focusing their efforts on mom bloggers not only execute a partial marketing plan, but also miss two-thirds of the overall U.S. mom market.”

She cites some numbers that are impressive:

* According to BSM Media research, 90% of mothers have watched an online video in the past week.
* Moms love to socialize and share. In-home parties or mom mixers are a great way to put your brand in the conversation. 80% of the moms who attend will tell three to five other moms about the sponsor brand.
* There is no other communication medium that keeps up with the pace of mothers better than radio. Moms spend up to 75 minutes a day in their cars with radio.


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