Reaching Moms Through Schools

Great story today from MediaPost about how to reach moms. Here are some highlights:

Through-school marketing program directed to moms you have one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and purchase intent for products.

A through-school marketing program cuts through the clutter in the competitive marketing-to-moms space by putting a brand’s message directly in front them.

Relevant and receptive environment – Moms at school, or engaged in school-related activities, are in “full mommy mode” – making them particularly receptive to brand messages that speak to their challenges as a busy mom and offer solutions that will help them make their families more successful.

Tips for Executing a Successful Through-School Marketing Program

Plan ahead
It’s important to know what a typical school’s event planning cycle is for the year. t come August.

Make it relevant to moms
Make sure your program is relevant to moms in the context of the school environment otherwise you might lose the brand goodwill that you hoped to garner by sponsoring a school program.

Give schools a real reason for doing it
The last thing you want to happen is for your program to come across as blatant marketing with no real benefit to the school. Make sure your offer has value to the school and that your key connection in the school (the person or group who will execute the program) can clearly see how the school and the school families benefit from running your program.


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