Paid Search + Display Ads = Success

There’s a new study from iProspect that has some revealing findings on paid search. It’s reported in

Here’s what MediaPost reports:

The findings suggest that while 31% of people click on display ads, nearly as many — 27% — go to search engines to provide a search. More than 20% type the company Web address into their browser and directly navigate to the Web site, and 9% respond by investigating the product, brand, or company through social media.

Robert Murray, CEO at iProspect, Boston, says, “Display isn’t dead, but just as many people will perform a search, and you had better have an integrated paid search campaign.”

Tapping into a competitor’s display campaign, marketers can run paid search ads based on keywords and messaging. Marketers should keep in mind all conversions and clicks the display ad will drive to competitors’ sites if they invest in display and not integrate a paid search campaign.

The survey found that of the 52% of Internet users who respond to an online display ad, 48% are familiar with the display ad offering or company but do not purchase the product.

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