More People Worldwide Watch More Channels on More Devices is reporting on findings from the Accenture second annual Global Broadcast Consumer Survey and the results are quite revealing…..

  • TV viewing has grown since last TV channels vs. 35% in 2008.
  • 39% watch eight or more TV programs per week vs. 33% last year.
  • Respondents who said they would also enjoy viewing content on other devices increased over the last year.
  • There were 13-point increases in the number who would watch content on personal

David Wolf, a senior executive with Accenture’s Media & Entertainment practice, concludes that “Consumers are making choices based on what they’ve tried, liked and rejected and are now selecting content and its delivery platforms… the modes of consumption that provide an alternative to the traditional TV experience are becoming part of everyday life… “

Despite more alternatives like the Internet and on-screen program guides, 40% of consumers use commercials to find content they would like to watch, 33% channel surf, 30% look to recommendations from friends and family, and 28% to TV listings.


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