How to Get the Most Out of Social Networks

Emma Hall has an interesting article in about how to get social media engagement without annoying your users. Here are some highlights.

  • Nearly a third of social networkers say they are fed up with the constant requests to join groups and try new applications, according to research by the Internet Advertising Bureau in the U.K.
  • Marketers will need to work harder and keep innovating if they want to harness the consumer power of social networks and persuade people to join their sponsored sites or pages.
  • 31% said there are too many invites to install applications.
  • 16% said they dislike social network sites “when advertising isn’t relevant to me.”

The IAB research found that exclusive content, which appeals to 28% of social networkers, and a genuine interest in the message, which attracts 37%, are the keys to a positive response from consumers on social networks.

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