A Warning for Bloggers—The FTC May Be Reading!

Yes it’s true. If the Federal Trade Commission follows through with its proposed plan to start regulating viral marketing and blogs you may have to start thinking twice about blogging! This is NOT the tweet smell of success! Michael Bush writes about it in AdAge.com.

“As part of its review of its advertising guidelines, the FTC is proposing that word-of-mouth marketers and bloggers, as well as people on social-media sites such as Facebook, be held liable for any false statements they make about a product they’re promoting, along with the product’s marketer.”

The FTC guidelines apply only to bloggers and others compensated to promote or review a product. There are no legal implications for social-media sites such as Facebook or marketer sites such as Amazon, where consumers often post product reviews. Before FTC commissioners vote on the revisions this summer, they will review all the public comments.

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