What Will Criminals Think of Next?

Those damn criminals! They always seem to get in the way of the world don’t they?

If you didn’t hear about this get ready….little Brownies and Girl Scouts innocently selling cookies in Kitsap County, WA this past weekend when hit by counterfeiters. As many as 17-19 troops were hit. The poor kids…all they wanted to do was raise money for camp. But an interesting thing happened along the way. In this era of caring and sharing, as news coverage hit Seattle, then the state, then the nation, people started asking how they could help and people across the country wanted to send in $10 here, $20 there and it has been amazing. As I told a Seattle Times reporter: “The girls already learn to give back to the community. Now, they’re seeing the community giving back to them.





What penalty do they deserve? http://polls.linkedin.com/p/25415/bjopj


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