This is Your Chance to Make a Difference!

If ever there was a chance to make a difference, this is your time.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

But you don’t just buy cookies. The girls learn self confidence and self esteem when they walk up to you and ask if you want to buy cookies. They learn marketing, budgeting and business skills. What do they do with money they earn? Some goes to the council, some to the troop and some to the girls. It pays for travel or camps or many other important expenses in a girl’s life.

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington cookie pre-sale (a.k.a. friends and family sale) runs through January 25. The public site sales will run Feb. 27-March 15. To celebrate the launch of cookie season, here are some fun facts:

• Do-si-dos® and Tagalongs® take 230,000 lbs. of peanut butter per week to make the cookies.
• Peanut butter crème is deposited onto Do-si-do® cookies at the rate of 2800 per minute.
• After exiting the oven, Thin Mints travel 300 feet on a conveyor belt to cool before being coated in the chocolate.
• A rotary die shapes Trefoils. There are 300 identical Trefoil shapes engraved in one rotary die. The die rotates 17 times a minute equaling 5100 cookies a minute.
Samoas® go through a cooling tunnel at 40-50 degrees before chocolate is applied.
• Do-si-dos® crème goes onto the cookies at 2800 per minute and are wrapped at 64 packages per minute!

In addition to all your favorite Girl Scout cookie varieties, make sure to try the new Dulce de Leche! Want to find out your cookie personality? Visit for more info.

Learn more at Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

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