Get a Certificate in Marketing Management!

If you live in the Seattle area I strongly urge you to look at the UW Certificate in Marketing Management program. It is tailored to helping marketing specialists and sales professionals move up to marketing management roles. Participants learn the key methods for understanding customers needs and communicating with customers in a systematic and integrated way using the web, e-mail, direct mail, public relations and other marketing tools. Participants work in teams and apply their knowledge gained to solve marketing problems for real companies and organizations in the Seattle area. This intensive nine-month program is for people currently working in marketing, advertising or public relations, as well as for those with several years of business experience who are exploring a career change and entry into the field. If you have questions about this program, please call 206-685-8936 in the greater Seattle area, or 888-469-6499, or e-mail us. And yes, I am one of the instructors!


Read about the program here.

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