It’s All About the Experience in Marketing!

Gord Hotchkiss has some smart things to say when it comes to what we pay attention to and why. We all know we are…as he says…”assaulted” by thousands of bits of information a day. So how do you break through so your message truly registers with your target? It’s important to understand how the human brain works and what we, as humans, crave. For advertising to be effective, it has to compel us to pay attention and divert us from doing whatever we were doing. That’s a tall order. What works? Emotion. Emotion is powerful. When you connect with emotion, whether it’s in 30-seconds, 60-seconds, or a story—it’s powerful. It engages people.

There’s new research by ARF (The Advertising Research Foundation) showing just how powerful emotional engagement is and the power of “experiential marketing.” I urge you to read this. Digest this. And understand how to implement the findings.

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