Let’s START a WOMM Campaign On This Topic!

If you are a university or non-profit watch out! There’s a ….”come on” out there targeting you. Someone might call and say something like this: “This is ______, a producer for the National Business Series for Public Television that is hosted by Hugh Downs.” She/He will go on to say they are looking to conduct a series on “great museums, or great universities” and want to speak with the President/CEO or University President “…about whether your institution might be a good fit for the program.”

Well guess what, my guess is that 100% of the places they call will be a good fit because here’s what you need to be on the look out for:

  • “Public Television” does not mean PBS. In fact, PBS isn’t connected with this show at all.
  • This is an independent video creation that a museum and/or university would pay cash for…and it’s a lot of cash. (See NY Times article below).

In this case, I’m trying to start WOMM to help protect museums, science centers and universities….so feel free to alert them to this blog article.

Read NY Times coverage of this controversy.

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