Bad? It’s Real Bad!

As marketers, it’s important to stay in tune with the latest trends. Here’s a big one….the economy. Just how bad is the economy? According to a Meredith Corporation/NBC Universal survey it’s very bad. These are new findings just out today:

  • Two-thirds (68%) of women cite “financial strain” as a major threat to the American Family – and a much bigger threat than “divorce” (48%), “loss of faith/spirituality” (47%), “liberal views on sex and sexuality” (32%), “both parents working” (28%), “unwed mothers” (21%) and “couples living together instead of getting married” (19%).
  • The majority (79%) of women in dual-income households say it is “essential for both spouses/partners to be employed in order to make ends meet.”
  • Six in 10 women are concerned about being able to pay their bills each month (60%) – especially high among single mothers with children under 18 (80%).
  • 72% of women are concerned about rising taxes – especially Boomer women (81%).


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