Be Careful What You Blog About–People Do Read Your Comments!

Get a front row seat to some real word of mouth marketing by reading what some Seattle University students are blogging about at They’re taking Marketing 491, a course all about Word of Mouth Marketing (I’m teaching this one). Not only do they have to blog twice a week, but they’ve had to go public with their comments on such topics as, “What I learned from Andy Sernovitz’s book, Word of Mouth Marketing.”

They also got a BIG surprise when they realized people DO read blogs. I got a call Monday afternoon from Andy on my cell phone saying he had been reading the blog. Now mind you I never even told Andy the students would be blogging about his book. So when I told the students Andy read their comments, even the ones in which they felt at a level where they could critique his writing, you could see their jaws drop. [You mean people actually read blogs????}

Yes Virginia, people do read blogs, so be careful what you write.

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