Life’s a Twitter!

Robert Scoble just gave the keynote at the Media Relations Summit 08 and shared with great insights….

Here’s a glimpse from Sally Falkow’s blog….

He amazed the audience with a walk through how he uses the latest technology tools.

He asked the group who has never seen Twitter and about 75% raised their hands. And even more had never heard of Friendfeed. Yet he says if he were to choose one application only it would be Friendfeed.

He demos twitter for the group and he twitters that he is speaking at the conference. Within a few seconds he has a tweet back commenting on what he said.

When you join these services, you have no friends yet and so you have no feed of information. But as you add friends and you choose people to follow you tap into what is being said.

He starts his day by reading Techmeme. Techmeme collects and aggregates tech news and brings you the big stories. He reads this to find out what happened overnight.

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