Free Bus Rides—And Free Advertising Too!

Okay this is self promotion but something I think is a great idea. With fuel prices rising, schools are having a harder time paying for field trips. To help, PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company has teamed up with Pacific Science Center for a special pilot program to provide free bus transportation for field trip students to the IMAX® theaters, exhibits and classes under the arches near the Space Needle. It’s innovative, a great collaboration and demonstrates how a not-for-profit can team up with a high profile company to make a great contribution to the community!


1 thought on “Free Bus Rides—And Free Advertising Too!

  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog Joe. As you know, we at PEMCO value our long-standing relationship with the Pacific Science Center and are happy that we found this unique way to serve a constituency that we both care about very much… elementary school students in the greater Seaattle area. PEMCO was founded by an educator nearly 60 years ago and our passion for education continues. Keep up the good work… At PEMCO, “We’re alot like you. A little different”. Rod BrooksNW Marketing GuyPEMCO Insurance

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