How Marketers Can Speak WITH Not TO Customers!

Great piece by Marc Guldimann on the website. It gives some great practical advice how to speak with customers instead of speaking to customers.

Here are some of the highlights:

Brands can avoid some of the pitfalls of campaigns that can mutate like a virus by providing consumers with tools to move content in ways that preserve branding and are fully trackable:

  • Desktop widgets
  • Social networking apps (MySpace, Facebook)
  • Home pages and personal portals (iGoogle, pageflakes, Netvibes)
  • RSS readers
  • Add to calendar and meeting invites
  • Mobile applications

Every interaction with an online tool provides new opportunities to understand what consumers want and to drive up revenue. Brands can also reinforce trust in their products because consumers will know they can count on them to deliver the best choices that meet their needs. Feedback on interest levels and increasingly relevant product offerings can act like an open dialogue between consumers and brands, a conversation every marketer would love to have.

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