Media Myths and Realities!

Ketchum has partnered with the University of Southern California Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center for the second year in a row to give us great insights into media usage….and the findings are fascinating. Here are some highlights from the 2008 edition of Media Myths and Realities: A Public of One:

  • Use of media channels is more fragmented than ever
  • Media preferences are more personalized than ever
  • Consumers in emerging markets may be setting the pace for media use
  • People rely most on personal experiences when making decisions—This makes it that much more important for companies to build positive word of mouth (WOM) about their brands.
  • The way professionals communicate is out of sync with the way consumers use media
  • Search rules. The media usage survey revealed that across the board, search engine usage ranked among the top four sources the public turns to. Organizations should consistently evaluate the strategic value of incorporating both paid and organic optimization strategies into their overall communications mix.
  • (RSS) Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to distribute your news, with the potential for a big payoff. RSS, which enables consumers to craft individualized news feeds, can be a strategic option for bringing content-specific news to the audiences that care most about it.

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