Interactive TV Arrives!

Harris Interactive is out with a study that says interactive TV is already here—66% of Americans use their TV remotes for basic interactivity. says, “That’s everything from electronic programming guides, video on demand and digital video recordings to actual interactive experiences with shows or commercials. The survey also revealed over half of the U.S. population is eager for deeper interactivity with all programming, including a 66% interest to interact with commercial advertising.”

What Harris Interactive Found:

  • 72% of those who watch reality TV shows want to interact with those shows
  • 65% of those who watch sporting events on TV want to interact with those events
  • 66% of viewers want to interact with commercial advertising
  • 70% of TV viewers would consider signing up for another cable or satellite provider if they offered advanced interactivity at no extra charge
  • 50% of those who watch drama TV shows indicated that they would be interested in interacting with those shows

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