Oprah-palooza: The Ultimate Word of Mouth Marketing!

Okay, big question here. If you take the time to line up and go to a rally to see Oprah and Barack Obama, what do you think you’ll be talking about when you get home? Give up? Come on??? Okay, the answer is Oprah and Barack Obama.

Without a doubt this was a brilliant word of mouth marketing strategy. This was the first time she has taken a public stand on who is the best candidate for president and she packed them in at rallies in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. Get that close to stardom (Oprah) and who are you going to talk about? Why Oprah of course. And when she endorses her man Obama, who do you think you’ll talk about? Why Barack Obama of course. This is more powerful than Bill Clinton showing up for Hillary. Oprah vs Bill? Come on. It’s not even a race. Lesson to be learned? If you have star power in word of mouth marketing, use it!

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