New Trends & More Powerful News Releases!

If you ever need another reminder of the power of word of mouth marketing and social networking just listen to some of these facts from WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association:

  • More than 80 million blogs exist today (double the number of six months ago)
  • The total number of text messages sent each day exceeds the entire population of the earth.

By the way, if you are interested in some great tips on effectives ways to use the Internet when you send out news releases, viral marketing expert Bill Balderaz has some great tips:

  • Optimize on the keywords your influencers and end users are searching on.
  • Get the release index the release in Google News and Yahoo! News.
  • Include Technorati tags.
  • Include “forward to a friend” and “print” functions.
  • Include links to: digg,, StumbleUpon, Furl, Reddit, etc
  • Record a podcast with the release and distribute the podcast via media wires.
  • Create an XML feed that your readers can subscribe to.
  • Include product pictures when relevant.

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