The Grand Poo Bah Speaks!

Greetings from the Word of Mouth Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. There is an amazing “buzz” here about how to do word of mouth marketing effectively because what we tell our friends and family about products, services or places carries more credibility in today’s world than much of the advertising we are bombarded with.

There are people from some of the biggest advertising agencies across the country and others who flew here from around the world.

We’ve heard how Dell is doing it, what Microsoft is doing to ignite word of mouth marketing, how Toyota is working to use word of mouth marketing to have two way conversations with its customers.

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing from “The Grand Poo Bah,” Richard Tait (left), one of the two founders of Cranium who gave us what he considers to be the secrets of a great company that became successful without advertising:

  • Create a “culture” not a company.
  • Develop a culture in which everyone has a chance to shine.
  • Everyone should celebrate their successes. Celebrate the moments when people shine.
  • Build products that customers love.
  • Break through the clutter. [That means taking marketing risks].
  • Never forget your customers are your best sales force.
  • LISTEN to your customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association:


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