Respond To Every Blog That Mentions You!

Earlier I wrote on this blog that one of the best books you can buy is Word of Mouth Marketing, How
Smart Companies Get People Talking,
by Andy Sernovitz. Well here's living proof why. In the book
Andy recommends you reply to every blog. I do and guess what? It works. Here's a sample of what
happens when you reply to someone's blog....they write another story about you!

Blogging and connecting

I posted a week ago about our trip to Seattle, and trekking across the state of Washington to Idaho. While in Seattle, we spent several hours at the Pacific Science Center. A day after mentioning this here, I get an email from a VP at the Pacific Science Center, thanking me for mentioning it.

Now, the tech is fairly trivial, and has existed for a while. Anyone can use Google alerts to get an email anytime anyone mentions anything with the specified keywords, but I still think it’s cool that individuals at some companies, organizations, and not-for-profit educational institutions that inspire “lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative exhibits and programs in every county of Washington state and beyond” take the time to email a thanks to people who mention or link back to their site. Bravo Pacific Science Center.



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